Early Baber Attendance at University in England
by Nick Balmer

The following are lists of former members of the Baber family who attended university at ether Oxford or Cambridge. These details are from a series of books drawn up in the nineteenth century.

The earliest Baber at university that I have found is Robert Baber, B.D c1463 at Cambridge. At this time the university had only been in existence for about 250 years and the numbers of people who went to university represented only a very small proportion of the population. This early attendance at university suggests that Robert's parents must have already been very well off compared to most people. It is also interesting that he should be at Cambridge, which is in eastern England quite near to the Baber's who I have found in Poslingford and Hunsdon in the 1327 Lay Subsidies.

Of course there is over 130 years between 1327 and 1463, so it may well be that there are not related, but you never know, we might still be able to narrow the gap.

It is also probable that none of us can be descended from Robert as he became a Batchelor of Divinity at a time when Clerks in Holy Orders were not allowed to marry.

The early Baber's who went to Oxford can all be traced to the Regilbury and Chew Magna Baber's. This very early attendance at university may well explain the Baber's very rapid ascent from husbandman to gentry as described by F. A. Wood in his book on Chew Magna history. It may be possible that they were already fairly well off by the 1520's if not before.

I have left the entries as copied from the originals.

Alumnii Oxonienses 1500-1714, Volume 1

Badbury, William, (Batbue or Babure) B.A. 7 February 1520-1.

Baber, Edward. Subscribed 1 July 1614 BA from Trinity College. 2 May 1616 barrister at law Lincoln's Inn. 1627 as heir of Francis, of Chew Magna, Somerset Esq. See Fosters Judges & Barristers.

Baber, Edward. Pleb. Balliol College, matriculated 16 July 1621 aged 17. BA 10 June 1624. MA 17 April 1627. Rectory of Timsbury Somerset 1644. See Fosters Ecclesiasticus.

Baber, Edward. Son of John of Old Cleve Somerset armiger. Magdalene College Matriculated 2 July 1680 aged 16 a Student of Middle Temple 1682.

Baber, Francis. Of London. Magdalen Hall Matriculated 16 April 1582. Aged 16: a student of Lincoln's Inn 1586, (his father Edward Baber was a bencher of Lincoln's Inn 1569. & Sergeant at Law 1577. See Fosters Inns of Court & Marriage Licences.

Baber, Francis of Somerset Gent. Trinity College. Matriculated 13 December 1616 aged 17 BA 17 February 1619-20 MA 26 June 1622, B.C.L 7 July 1624, D.C.L 8 July 1628, Chancellor of the Diocese of Gloucester 1630 until his death 1669. Buried in South side of Choir.

Baber, Francis, Son of John of Convent Garden Middlesex, 'equitis' Balliol College. Matriculated 26 June 1674. Aged 16, a student of Lincoln's Inn 1678. See Fosters Inns of Court.

Baber, Francis. Son of William of London. Armiger. Balliol College. Matriculated 14 July 1705 aged 15. A student of Lincoln's Inn 1707.

Baber, John. Of Somerset Pleb. Magdelen Hall. Matriculated entry under date 15 April 1580 aged 16 BA 25 October 1583 MA from Lincoln's College 10 December 1586. B.D. 11 February 1593-4 D.D. 30 January 1596-6.
Prebendary of Exeter 1590. Vicar of Chew Magna 1589. Rector of Tormarton co. Gloucester 1591. Father of next.

Baber, John. Of Somerset. S.T.P fil Lincoln College matriculated 15 April 1608 aged 15. BA 22 May 1611 (son and heir of John of Tormarton, co Gloucs.) Barrister at Law Lincoln's Inn 1621, Bencher 1639 Recorder of Wells, MP 1628-9 and April to May 1640 died 1644 aged 50.

Baber, (Sir) John. Son of John of Wells Somerset Gent. Christchurch matriculated 21 October 1642, aged 17, Student 1642 from Westminster, ejected by the Parliamentary Visitors. B.A. B Med 21 Oct 1646. D. Med (Angers) 10 November 1648. Incorporated 18 July 1650, Fellow of the College of Physicians 1657. Physician to King Charles II, Knighted 19 March 1660-1, Practised his faculty in King Street Convent Garden where he died 1704 aged 79. Father of Francis 1674, of John next named, and William 1672.

Baber, John son of John of Sunninghill Park. Armiger Exeter College. Matriculated 12 June 1702 aged 17.

Baber, William 1521. See Badbury.

Baber, William, youngest son of John of Convent Garden equitis Christchurch Matriculated 29 March 1672 aged 15 Barrister at Law Lincoln's Inn 1683.

Alumnii Cantabrigenses
By J& JA Venn

Part 1 to 1751, Volume 1 Abbas to Cutts

Page 62.

Baber, John MA from St John's 1748. Son of John of Sunninghill Berkshire Esq. Matriculated St John Oxford February 6 1735-6 aged 20. BA (Oxford) 1739 Ordained Deacon, (Bangor) June 1 1740.

Priest (Lincoln) March 6 1747-8 of Little Chesterford Essex and Vicar Great Chesterford 1748. Vicar of Little Chrishall 1776-92 Died August 1st 1792.

Baber, Robert B.D c1463.

Baber ------- Scholar of Christ's 1543-4.

These are probably not complete for I have evidence of others at university who don't appear above. In the "The History of the University of Oxford" edited by T.H. Aston, volume III page 485 published in 1986. A John Baber presented a book to his college.

At this time books were very expensive and were carefully guarded in libraries. The books were often chained to the shelves. A library like this exists to this day in Wells Cathedral.

It was traditional for students to present a book to his college when they left.

John's gift is recorded thus: -

The College Book 1550.

"dominus saundersone eiusdem socius John Baber in artibus Bacca eiusdem Collegii Socius".

I believe that every one of my previous 14 generations of Baber's were educated in Latin. Perhaps some kind person can supply a translation. As I am afraid that I am probably the first generation since the Middle Ages not to be able to read it. Oh the joys of a modern education.

Contributed by Nick Balmer
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