August 2023 Baber Family projected reunion details as provided by Pam Anderson at


Note: There are 6 DNA lines of Baber families not related to this group.  To confirm if you are in this DNA group Email Here.

Greetings Baber Cousins!!

Plans are underway for a Baber Reunion in Chew Magna, Somerset, England, in 2023-  A ‘pilgrimage’ to St Andrews Church in honor of Edward and Catherine (Leigh) Baber (see attached tomb at the church)!  I have been coordinating with the Rector of the church and have determined that August 26th week is not available but any other August date would work.

I’m sending this to you as you have expressed interest in going.  Please look at your calendars and let me know if any August dates do not work for you.  We want to assure we can accommodate the most people!

I am also trying to get this out early enough to start scheduling 2023 vacation time off work and to build up savings as needed for the vacation.  😊

(Tentative) Plans:  (Main meet up day would be Wednesday at the church.)

Tuesday Evening:  Meet and Greet in Chew Magna area (location tbd)


Saint Andrews (The Baber Family over all these years has maintained a well-connected relationship with the church)

Worship Celebration at the Church

This should be very moving to be in communion with the saints, our current international family, and all that have gone on before us.

Love Offering from us to the Church in Honor of the Edward and Catherine.

Discussion:  Baber History, Genealogy, DNA, How we are Connected?

St. Andrews Women’s Society – Food service sponsored.

Group Dinner at a local restaurant for those staying in the area (see attached photo of a group of us last reunion!)


Morning Tour of Bath

Opportunities for small groups to meet up at local Bath Pubs for lunch or to go shopping.

Afternoon hiking or park visit


Day Tour of Stoneleigh Abbey (2.5 hrs from Chew Magna)

This is where Catherine Leigh Baber grew up with her father Sir Thomas Leigh (knighted by QEI)

OR Bristol – where Robert Baber left England in the 1600s to come to America

Chew Magna is only about an hour outside of London, I used the underground and train to get a Bath rental car location.  It was fairly easy.  If you are interested, there are other easy excursions in the general area of Somerset rather than the above like Downtown Abbey (Highclere Castle), Stonehenge, etc.


There are no group travel plans or stays.  I have several people that want to fly in and out of London and some are on other excursions in the UK so it may be too complicated for group travel.  If you are looking for a roommate or want to travel with someone I can help coordinate that.  If there is an overwhelming desire to book group air, say a direct flight from Washington to London – let me know – we do have a Baber Travel Agent in the family!


I will be posting the announcement again on Facebook and on the Baber Family Tree website.  Let me know if you want to be removed from distribution, let me know more emails to add if needed, and let me know any questions you have!  I have some recommendations for accommodations, London ‘must sees’, etc.


Also, let me know a head count as soon as possible for planning purposes and let me know if you would be interested in helping with some coordination of the event.


I look forward to seeing everyone next year!!

    Grace & Peace,

      Pam Anderson (grand-daughter of Louise Baber)