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John Baber, Jr.**** b: Abt. 1760 d: May 1849 in Smyth Co. Virginia
..... +Elizabeth ???

We would think the father of John Baber, Jr. would be John Baber.  In this time the Jr. designation was used more often in reference to age.  Such as if there were more than one John Baber in an area they could be know as John Baber, Sr. and John Baber, Jr. and not be related at all.

**This file is based on a Will of John Baber.  There aren't a lot of other places this could fit.  He mentioned daughters only in his will, which means the Baber line may have ended with them.  Had there been sons, the grandson's would have been mentioned in the will.

2 Achilles Baber****** b: Abt. 1772 d: Abt. September 1828 in Nelson Co. Virginia  Census: 1800 Amherst Co. Virginia - 1820 Nelson Co. Virginia Will: September 21, 1828 Proven October 27, 1828
..... +Lydia "Liddy" Humphrey m: December 03, 1793 in Albemarle Co. Virginia Fact: December 06, 1806 
*2nd Wife of Achilles Baber:
..... +Mary Anna Church d: Aft. 1828 Fact: Common-Law wife. 

2 Zenus Baber ******b: October 11, 1788 in Nelson Co. Virginia d: August 16, 1843 in Fairborn, Greene Co. Ohio  Military service: War of 1812 Census: 1820 Amherst/Nelson Co. Virginia - Reported living with Achilles Baber
..... +Lucresia "Lucy" Martin b: in South Carolina

**Achilles and Zenus are definitely brothers.  A possible parent for them could be the John Baber that was born in 1750.  He was the son of Thomas Baber.  That John Baber had a daughter Nancy that he was in Kentucky with near his brother Obadiah.  He could have left his lands to Achilles when he moved on to Kentucky.

2 Lewis Baber ******* b: 1798  
............ +Lucinda Israel b: Abt. 1812 m: January 08, 1829 in Knox Co. Tennessee

**Lewis & Woodson seem to be connected to Achilles and Zenus Baber, but probably not as brothers.

2 Woodson J. Baber******* b: December 03, 1799 in Virginia or Tennessee d: February 18, 1851 in Hendricks Co. Indiana 
.. +Jane McCloud b: in Tennessee d: Abt. 1839 m: November 21, 1824 in Knox Co. Tennessee
*2nd Wife of Woodson J. Baber:
.. +Ann Barker b: 1801 in North Carolina d: 1875 m: November 21, 1839 in Hendricks Co. Indiana 

**Lewis & Woodson seem to be connected to Achilles and Zenus Baber, but probably not as brothers.

2 Nathaniel Baber b: 1775 in Virginia d: Apr 1850 Fact: From Abbeville, SC to went to Monroe Co., then to Heard Co., Georgia where he died without issue. Cause of Death (Facts): pneumonia Residence: 1840 Chambers Co. Alabama Tax List, Did he belong to Concord Baptist Church in Jasper Co. Georgia in 1821? Census: 1810 South Carolina 1840: Chambers Co. Alabama
.. +Jane ??? Fact: 1821 Was listed in church records at the same time.
*2nd Wife of Nathaniel Baber:
.. +Susannah Bull b: Mar 20, 1786 in Craven Co. North Carolina m: Aft. 1842 d: Aug 05, 1866  Residence: Resettled to Jasper & Pike Co. Georgia Father: Ambrose Bull Mother: Elizabeth Johnson Census 1850: Chambers Co. Alabama - 6 Slaves - In household of Foster Watt age 18. Census 1860: Columbia Co. Arkansas in the household of Henry Lancaster, her son.

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