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To locate Edward's house take the board street located two thirds of the way up the left hand edge of the plan.  This is Cheapside. "Walk east (to the right) along the street, as you come up to the conduit and water sellers in the street, look for the turning on your right.  This is Soper Street (modern day Queens Street).   Walking down Soper Street, take the first turning on your left, into Needlers Lane (modern Pancras Lane).  On your left you can see St Pancras church, it has a wide arched doorway.  The tower is surmounted with a small spire and an enormous cross.

It was in this church that the various christening took place.  Come out of the church, facing south (down the map).  Look across the street, and immediately in front of you is the entrance to the long passage which is shown on Treswells plan.

Edward's house is in the middle of the block, bounded on the west by Soper Street, on the north by Needlers Lane, and on the south by Watling Street, which becomes Budge Row.   Watling Street, was one of the main Roman Roads, and can be traced all the way to the North West of the country.

You will see that the block, which is longer on the eastern side than it is on its western edge, has two church towers. The one at the bottom of the block, with the low wall in front of it is St. Antholm, whose tower stands against the road.  Immediately to the west of the tower is a low brick wall.  This wall is I believe that shown at the bottom of the Treswell plan.  The second tower in the centre of the block is mentioned in Keene's book as a three storey tower or garret.  It stands in Baber's property, and is probably a survival of its earlier medieval use.

To get to Robert and Sir Thomas Leigh's property, walk back up to Cheapside.   Immediately north of the conduit (the box like structure in the centre of the street) is a large building, Mercers Hall.  This is the Guildhall for the Mercer's who were the men who controlled the
woollen market.  England's main manufacturing industry, and the source of most of England's foreign exchange at this time.  Go to the eastern end of the building and turn north into Old Jewry. Robert's house is immediately behind Mercer's Hall on your left.  Sir Thomas Leigh's house is about 20 yards upon your right.

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