Baber in the War of 1812

AMBROSE 2nd Regiment Ballowe’s VA Militia

BENJAMIN 9th Regiment Boyd's VA Militia

BENJAMIN 19th Regiment Ambler's VA Militia

CHARLES 2nd Regiment VA Militia

CHARLES 5th Regiment VA Militia

EDWARD 5th Regiment VA Militia

EDWARD 8th Regiment Wall's VA Militia

HARDIN 2nd Regiment Ballow's VA Militia

ISHAM Dudley's Mounted Battalion Kentucky Volunteers

JAMES 5th Regiment VA Militia

JAMES 74th Regiment Trueheart's VA Militia

JOSEPH 6th Regiment Davenport’s Mounted Kentucky Volunteers.

LUKE 8th Regiment Wall's VA Militia

PETER Legion of Francs, U.S. Volunteers General Humbert’s Voluntary Corps

PETER 5th Regiment VA Militia

THOMAS 4th Regiment VA Militia

THOMAS 7th Regiment Gray's VA Militia

THOMAS B. Crutchfield Detachment VA Militia

THOMAS B. 25th Regiment Smith's VA Militia

ZENETH 8th Regiment Wall's VA Militia

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