Letter from Freemond Baber dated Feb. 22, 1978

Dear Baber Cousin,

I do want to thank you for data on your Pleasant Baber & the picture of his daughter Sarah Ann.  Do you want the picture back?   As I have wrote before had I known when my uncles & great aunts were living what I know now, I sure feel I would know more about our family as we moved from Jay County, Indiana to Allen County in 19...? & at that time had several great aunts living on my father's side.  I am enclosing a letter written to Mr. Adin Baber of Kansas, Illinois by my great uncle Fayette Baber.  I tried to write it like it was worded.  Great Uncle Fayette's widow was living and I met her at the Baber reunion that is held every year in Lima, Ohio in August.  I had corresponded with Charles Fayette Baber, son of Daniel Baber when Fayette & Alvina moved to Peru, Indiana.  They stayed with Daniel Baber for a while.  Charles told me that but didn't know too much about the family connections & my great aunt, widow of Fayette, was up in years & couldn't remember.

I was to Peru, Indiana one time a met a Baber family from West Virginia.  My father said his father said we were related to all the Babers in Virginia.  I copied down the data sent me by Mrs. Charles G. Baber of Lynchburg, VA.  It was from Fluvanna County.  It is hard to get records as they are filed away in an old room, all dusty & must have to have connections to get records from the old court house.   I have found that the court house burned in Buckingham County, Virginia at an early time & records burned also.  Lots of records were destroyed during the war of 1860-65.

Holman & Susannah Baber Reynolds named one of their sons Pleasant Baber Reynolds & Jonathan Baber, son of Stanley, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Baber, named one of his sons Pleasant Baber.  Stanley was uncle to my James and your Pleasant.

I have copied down some data that you can keep but am sending you two sheets that I want you to return.  I'll have them stapled together.  I have enclosed a letter from Mrs. Grace Budway.  Keep it.  Drop her a line.  She may have something I didn't mention on Shepard.

As I mentioned before, I have data on Baber.  Some notes says on the & some other, as Fayette said his mother was Mary instead it was Susan Jane.  My James 1st married Margaret.  She died so time may uncover Baber data like you finding my name & address or sending me some data I didn't have on your Pleasant Baber.

Fort Wayne, Indiana have good genealogical library.  I was there once.  I have a brother-in-law living there.  My sister died in Jan. 1966.  I always plan on going there and staying there a few days & go to the Library.  So far haven't made it.  Ohio State Library & Indiana State Library are good.  Been to both places, but being retired & on fixed income I had to go easy.  In Mansfield, Ohio the public library has census index of 1820-1830-1840 & 1850.  I hope to go this summer & check on them some more.

Here are some Shepard-Shepherd address of Blufton, Indiana:

C. Leon Shepherd, 824 So. Main
Mrs. Gertrude Shepherd, 307 E. Twonley
Wilson G. Shepherd, 524 Wiley Av.


Freemond W. Baber

Fayette Baber's letter mentioned in above letter

This letter is copied as it was written.  Email me if you need any translation.

Peru, Indiana
Nov 6th 1881

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 2 inst. is at hand in reply I will say we are Cousins.  My father was born in Buckingham County, Virginia and was married in Bedford County, Virginia to Mary McMullin, a sister to Fayette McMullen  was a congressman in virginia during the war.   my father's given name was James the youngest of the family he moved to Ohio settled in Ross County and then to Allen County, Ohio where he died in 1879.  he was born 1801 he was 78 when he died and in regards to my grand-father name I cant say for I dis remimber of hearing father speak of his name  there ar a large family of us and I have one brother younger than I.  I bought a farm on the pike near Peru for 4000 dollars  the rest of our family is in Ohio.  I am 27 years old  have ben several ocupation clurked in a store and was Depy Shiriff for 2 years and for 2 years was martial  call and see me if posipal  I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours       Fayett Baber        Peru, Indiana


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