Letters to Washington and Accompanying Papers. Published by the Society of the Colonial Dames of America. Edited by Stanislaus Murray Hamilton.--vol. 02

George Washington Papers Series 4. General Correspondence. 1697-1799

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Transcription as Follows:

[Note 1: 1 Sent by President Blair to Washington.]


This Day Timothy Dalton made Oath before me one of his majestyes Justices of the peace for the Said County: that yesterday there Came to his house three Indians and Quickly after Came four white men in Pursuit of the Said Indians namely John Wheeler Robt. Dalton Henry Wooddy William Hall from whom the Said Indians had Stollen horses from the Demanded the horses of the Said Indians but they Refused to let them have them on which the Said Wheeler went to take one of the horses on which they Shot at the Said Wheeler three times but Missed him on which the Said Indians went away and the Said white men in a Small time Joined with Seven more white men and went in Pursuit of the Said Indians again and them Indians being Joined by ten more Indians went over Stanton River a mile above the mouth of Pigg River and Threw off there Packs and Prepared them Selves for Battle then William Vardeman Sener and Some of the Rest went up to them and told them they Did not want to fight they only wanted there Horses and Did not want to hurt them on which the Indians told them they Should fight for them and Immediately the Indians fired on them three Guns Still the white men would not Shoot at them then the Indians fired three Guns more at them on that the Battle Began in which William Hall was mortally wounded of which wound he Died this Morning: and Likewise Richard Thompson was wounded in the Shoulder and Buttock; and that the white men Like Wise Killed and Scalped three Indians on which the Rest of the Indians Ran away and Left the horses and the Chief of the Plunder they had Stolen; and farther this Deponent Saith not Certified under my hand this the 9 Day of May 1758


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