A Letter from Vera Baber

When I first met my husband Alan in 1954 it is true to say that I had never heard of the surname BABER. We lived at that time in Hertfordshire, England and Alan's family had migrated from Somerset some time in the last century. He also did not know very much about his background except that his Father had told him that he had cousins in Kingswood, Bristol. Being curious to know people we started in the early sixties, just after our youngest daughter was born, to find out about the BABER's. We never guessed that this was to be a compelling hobby for the next many years.

Since that early start I have located nearly every BABER born in England from the 1500's forward and certainly since the beginning of official records 1837. This has led to research on the family in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and last but not least America & Canada. I hope that now it is possible, if not to provide a full Family Tree, at least to give some information to all the queries that I receive. This can be anything up to a dozen a day and takes some time to answer, so I hope that people will excuse me if at some times I take a little while to sort and collate information - because I don't like to get it wrong.

Since joining the www. I have found so many new friends and family connections and I am very happy to exchange information where possible so please keep asking and please keep sharing what you know about an interesting and wonderful family.

Vera Baber, France

Wedding Day - 10 June 1957


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