Albemarle Co, Virginia - 12th March 1798

Albemarle Co. VA Will book 4 Page 17
The Will of EDWARD BABER of Albemarle Co, Virginia - 12th March 1798

In the name of God Amen. I EDWARD BABER of the County of Albemarle & 
Commonwealth of Virginia being infirm of body but of perfect and sound mind 
and memory, thanks be to God the desposer of all earthly merits for the same 
and being desirous to dispose of the worldly goods, with which indulgent 
providence has blessed my labours in such a manner as to prevent all future 
strife and contention, between these whom I leave behind, do make and ordain 
this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and annulling all former 
wills and testaments heretofore by me made, Imprimus: I lend to my beloved 
wife ANN BABER during her natural life all my estate real and personal 
except such as I have heretofore disposed of by deed, and after her death my 
will and desire is that the estate so lent to her shall be distributed in 
the following manner. One fourth part thereof I direct and appoint to be 
lodged in the hands of my son GEORGE BABER and of Philip Buckner as trustees 
to hold the same for the benefit and use of my daughter SARAH DENTON during 
her life to whom I hereby and require her trustees aforesaid well and truly 
to make unto the said SARAH annual payment of the profits and income of the 
said fourth part and after the death of the said SARAH my will and desire 
that the said fourth part shall be the property of the lawful issue of the 
said SARAH equally to be divided between the same and each child to draw his 
or her share as he or she they respectively come of age and to hold the same 
to his or her heirs forever. Item: It is my will and desire that one other 
fourth part of the estate so as before lent to my beloved wife shall at her 
decease shall become the property of the foresaid and future lawful issue of 
my daughter ISABEL MUNDAY equally to be divided among the same and that each 
of the children of the said ISABEL shall draw his or her distribable share 
thereof as he/she shall respectively arrive at age, and to hold the same 
his/her heirs forever. It is my will and desire that one other fourth part 
of the estate before lent to my beloved wife shall at her decease become the 
property of my son JOHN BABER to hold these same to him and his heirs 
forever. Item: The remaining fourth part of the estate so as before lent to 
my beloved wife I bequeath and devise at her death to my son GEORGE BABER 
and his heirs forever. Finally I do hereby constitute and appoint my beloved 
wife ANN BABER. executrix and my son GEORGE BABER and Philip Buckner 
executors of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my hand and seal this 12th day of March in the year of our Lord 

Signed, Sealed and acknowledged by the Testator as his last Will and 
Testament in the presence of

Handley Travillian

James Flannagan                                           Edward Baber 

George Taylor (X)

Milly Travillian (X)

Rachiel Taylor (X)

Molley Watts (X)


©Transcribed by Mrs. Vera Baber 2001

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