Christopher Baber, Cass County, Indiana

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A native of Ohio and a member of a family well known in the Buckeye state, Christopher Baber came to Cass County some twenty years ago, and since has been engaged in agricultural pursuits.  He belongs to that class of successful men who prize the success the more because it has been self-gained, for since attaining his majority he has been the architect of his own fortunes, and the position he now holds warrants him in taking a pardonable degree of pride in the title of self-made man. At this time he is the owner of an excellent farm of 285 acres, in the accumulation of which his dealings with his fellow men have always been of an honorable nature, thus winning him the respect and esteem of all whom he is acquainted.  Christopher Baber was born February 20, 1846 in Fayette County, Ohio, and is the son of James and Elizabeth (Hanawalt) Baber. 

The family first came to Indiana during the early 1850's, Mr. Baber's father following farming here, but later went to Illinois, from whence they returned to London, Ohio, and there a number of people of the same name are to be found today.

There were ten children in the Baber family:  John, William, Christopher, George, Alfred, Andrew, Eliza, Malissa, Ella and Alice. 

During his school days in Ohio, Christopher Baber assisted his father in the work of the home farm, and on attaining his majority embarked upon a career of his own.   Sober, thrifty and industrious, he carefully saved his earnings, purchased a team and eventually became the owner of land in Ohio, which he disposed of at a profit when he left to come to Cass County.  Here he purchased a tract of land. to which he has added from time to time, and now has 285 acres of fertile soil, which he devotes to general farming and stock raising.  His operations have proved uniformly successful, and each year finds new improvements on the place, his buildings being of modern architecture and substantial character, and modern conveniences and comforts have been installed.  He uses the latest machinery and methods, practicing scientific farming, and is recognized as an excellent judge of livestock.

Mr. Baber has not mixed in politics, his time having been entirely engaged with his farm work.  Nevertheless, he has not been indifferent to the duties of citizenship, and has staunchly supported these men and movements which he has believed desirable for the community.  During his long residence here he has formed a wide acquaintance, in which he numbers numerous friends.

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