Baber on the Social Security Death Index
1957 thru 1968
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Baber Name  Birth Date   Death Month  Last Residence  State Issued

Karl Baber

Unknown May 1957 New Jersey


Baber Name  Birth Date   Death Date  Last Residence  State Issued


20 Feb 1882 Aug 1962 New York New York
MYRTLE BABER 06 Jul 1894 Jul 1962 Illinois Ohio


Baber Name  Birth Date   Death Date  Last Residence  State Issued
MARION BABER 13 Feb 1886 July 1963 New Jersey New York
BESSIE BABER 16 Nov 1882 Jan 1963 D.C. D.C.


Baber Name  Birth Date   Death Date  Last Residence  State Issued
ANDREW BABER 24 Sep 1938 Mar 1964   Mississippi


Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
MAE BABER 14 Feb 1891 Oct 1965 Memphis, Shelby, TN Tennessee
Mother:  DARROW
28 Nov 1911 Nov 08 1965 Los Angeles Co. California California



Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
MARY BABER 09 Aug 1889 15 Mar 1966 20601 (Waldorf, Charles, MD) Maryland
LEE BABER 12 Aug 1884 15 Nov 1966 62882 (Sandoval, Marion, IL) Illinois
MATTIE BABER 23 May 1908 Jun 1966 (Dayton, Montgomery, OH) Kentucky


Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
RACHEL BABER 21 Apr 1891 Aug 1967 21216 (Baltimore, Baltimore City, MD) Pennsylvania
NANCY BABER 12 Apr 1939 Sep 1967 (not specified) North Carolina
JOHN BABER 24 Aug 1916 Jul 1967 45601 (Chillicothe, Ross, OH) Ohio
A BABER Dec 0000 Jan 1967 (not specified) Ohio


Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
WILLIE BABER 25 Sep 1895 Jan 1968 46222 (Indianapolis, Marion, IN) Indiana
SUSIE BABER 22 May 1894 Dec 1968 48216 (Detroit, Wayne, MI) Alabama
WILLIAM BABER 29 Feb 1940 Oct 1968 (not specified) Mississippi
HELEN BABER 26 Aug 1894 Aug 1968 (Washington, DC) Missouri
OLLIE BABER 22 Jun 1894 Dec 1968 (Washington,  DC) District of Columbia

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