1971 Baber Social Security Death Index
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March 1971
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
EDITH BABER 07 Oct 1876 Mar 1971 10606 (White Plains, Westchester, NY) New York
MYRTIS BABER 16 Jun 1898 Mar 1971 23063 (Goochland, Goochland, VA) Virginia
MARION BABER 30 Oct 1890 Mar 1971 64089 (Smithville, Clay, MO) Missouri
M BABER 18 Mar 1921 Mar 1971 (not specified) Idaho


October 1971
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
DOROTHY BABER 25 Nov 1941 Oct 1971 (not specified) West Virginia


December 1971
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
EDWARD BABER 03 Mar 1930 Dec 1971 (not specified) Massachusetts
JOHN BABER 21 Jan 1897 Dec 1971 07081 (Springfield, Union, NJ) New Jersey
HUNTER BABER 14 Jun 1916 Dec 1971 (not specified) Virginia


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