2002 Baber Social Security Death Index
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 January 2002

Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
DIANNE E BABER 07 May 1944 03 Jan 2002 (P) (72) WV or N. Carolina


April 2002
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
RUTH BABER 04 Nov 1927 14 Apr 2002 (V) 36695 (Mobile, Mobile, AL) Alabama
September 2002
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
SHIRLEY L BABER 26 Nov 1939 16 Sep 2002 (V) 24538 (Concord, Campbell, VA) Virginia
MAUREEN C BABER 27 Nov 1922 27 Sep 2002 (V) 06612 (Easton, Fairfield, CT) Virginia
DOROTHY P BABER 06 Nov 1930 18 Sep 2002 (V) 77518 (Bacliff, Galveston, TX) Ohio
JUDY C BABER 15 Aug 1951 06 Sep 2002 38851 (Houston, Chickasaw, MS) Illinois


October 2002
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
STELLA D BABER 28 Aug 1927 19 Oct 2002 77087 (Houston, Harris, TX) Louisiana


November 2002
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
DIANE P BABER 07 Jul 1931 15 Nov 2002 (V) 43783 (Somerset, Perry, OH) Ohio


December 2002
Name Birth Death Last Residence Issued
NANCY H BABER 04 Sep 1919 20 Dec 2002 (V) 25177 (Saint Albans, Kanawha, WV) West Virginia
FRANK BABER 30 Dec 1931 22 Dec 2002 (V) 90222 (Compton, Los Angeles, CA) California


(V)=(Verified) Report verified with a family member or someone acting on behalf of a family member.
(P)=(Proof) Death Certificate Observed.

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