Adin "Ben" Baber
Family Researcher File

Adin "Ben" Baber (1892-1974) was one of the first of the American Baber line to be interested in the English roots of the Baber Family.  He is probably most famous for his studies of Abe Lincoln and the Hanks Family.  His grandmother was Mary Ellen Hanks.

Photographs of Mr. Baber are available by clicking the following images:

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Click for a bio of Adin "Ben" Baber from "The Hanks Family Generations IX and X".

Click for a copy of a page their Family Bible.

Adin Baber Letters about the family.

Adin and Lois Baber had two very interesting daughters as well.  Click on their names for information about them.

Nancy Shirley Baber McNeill is updating her father's books on the Hanks Family.  She is well known for her own work with Hanks Family Genealogy. 

Alice Baber was an artist and the established the Alice Baber Memorial Collection exists on honor of her work.  An example is available from her page.

A very special thank you to Nancy Shirley Baber McNeill for providing information about her family.