Baber Historians

Many of our families have been connected by earlier researchers.  The following is a list of several who have made major contributions to the Baber History that is included in this website.  Please let me if you  know of others or have additional information or photos of any of these people.

Adin Baber

Ada Spencer Flynn
Mrs. Flynn and her husband, Wrote the "Baber Book" about the lines of James Reed Baber of Buckingham Co. Virginia.  For additional information, Click Here.

Geraldine Selby

Lenore Le Baron Babers O'Donnell
Babers Researcher

Charles & Lucy Harrison Miller Baber
Well known in Lynchburg, Virginia, Charles and Lucy Baber contributed much in their search for information about Baber Family History.  For additional information, Click Here.

Vera Baber
Vera Baber has researched the Baber Family History since 1965.  She has a very extensive record of the Baber Family Worldwide and is a major contributor to this web site.  Vera was born in England and currently lives in France.