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  1. John Baber died in 1527 in England.  His Will is online at this website.  He is the oldest documented ancestor of one of the modern day Baber lines.  Other names of Baber in England appear as early as 1080 in the Domesday Book, and in documents in 1237, 1380, and 1399. 
  2. CHRISTOPHER BABER:  Sometimes listed as  Captain of "The Foresight" during the Spanish Armada 1588.  More likely the correct name was CHRISTOPHER BAKER.
  3. Francis Baber b: Abt. 1598 in Reportedly of Batcome, Somerset Fact: On Marriage License said he was of St. Lawrence Jewry, Citizen & Salter Occupation: 1635 Chandler Residence: Aft. 1636 Scituate, Massachusetts Immigration: Mar 20, 1634/35 Came in Rev. Joseph Hull's Company from Weymouth, England. He removed to Scituate and bought land there of William Wills.
     +Anne Greene b: Abt. 1608 Fact: Mother's maiden name was Mann. m: Mar 26, 1630 in St. Mary Bothaw, London, in the jurisdiction of Archbishop of Canterbury Burial: May 22, 1632 St. Lawrence Jewry & St. Mary Magdalen, Milk Street London
  4. Robert Baber came to Virginia on the Bristol Factor, sailing from England on September 30, 1679.  Robert Baber is considered the common ancestor of most USA Baber Families.
  5. Hiram Baber married Harriet Boone, grand-daughter of Daniel Boone, & served as a U.S. Marshall.
  6. Baber Woods is a tract of semi-virgin forest Adin Baber gave to the Nature Conservancy in Illinois. It was leased to Eastern Illinois University for scientific and educational purposes.
  7. Adin Baber was a noted researcher of the historic Baber and Hanks families.
  8. Alonzo Babers, Montgomery, Ala, 400M/4X400M Relay (Olympic Gold - 1984).
  9. President Lyndon Baines Johnson was the 4th Great Grandson of Mary Baber & John Perrin.
  10. Baber is the 4,916th most popular Surname in the United States; frequency is 0.002%.  Babers is the 36,349th most popular Surname.
  11. An Oregon historian, David Duniway (now deceased?), once told me that there was a Baber mansion, that supposedly resembled the White House scaled down in or near the "Barberton" area of Vancouver Washington State.  Interestingly, an Old Oregon Historical Society map of Vancouver calls the area "Baberton". Again, I don't know more, sorry to say.  Marc Baber
  12. In a book by Don Shadburn, Baber Creek in Cobb Co. Georgia is said to be named for one of the Babers on the Cobb Co. 1834 Census. Their names were Barnabas Arthur Baber, George Baber, James Baber, and William Baber.
  13. Early Schools in Benton County, Tennessee:  Baber's High School was opened in Eva, Tennessee in 1888.  It became Central High School in 1915.  A new high school was erected in 1959.
  14. John Ralph Baber is the past president (1999-2000) of The Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  15. Hay Norville Baber, 1923-1987, Retired Air Force, flew W.W.II missions in Europe and at one time was an Air Force One crew member.
  16. There are Streets named "BABER" in Helfin, Alabama; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Tucson, Arizona;   Rocky Mount, North Carolina; Salem, Oregon; Artesia, California; Union, South Carolina; Moffat, Colorado; Brenham, Texas; Winnsboro, Texas; Colusa, California; Rutherford, North Carolina; Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Brentsville, Virginia; Renick, West Virginia; Craigsville, West Virginia; Cumberland, Washington; Houston, Texas  - Contributed by Tommy Baber, Alvin Texas.  Also, Felica Baber Street in Colchester , Connecticut.
  17. Bob Henry Baber ran for Governor of West Virginia in 1996.
  18. The estate referred to as "Spy Hill" is located 1.6 miles south of King George, VA. Prior to 1675 its owners were many different people.  Last names were Bridges, Rozier, and the family of George Washington's Grandfather.  In the year 1828 it came into the hands of Colonel Thomas B. B. Baber from Putnam Stith Washington. In 1871 Thomas Baber's daughter Emma Lavenia Baber Garnett inherited it. She married Captain Thomas S. Garnett. Present owner is Josephine Langhorne Garnett--1937.  It is described as an ante-bellum home, a large dwelling with a large cellar. It is three and a half stories high with a gabled roof, two chimneys on each end. One of the many porches faces the Potomac River. There are ten large rooms. Emma Baber was born 1825, she is by Thomas's first marriage. She was married at Spy Hill. Her husband Captain Garnett was killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville May 3, 1863. Out of this "Spy Hill" two other estates have arisen--Mount Mariah and Marengo. 
  19. Irene Baber was a primary owner of an estate called "Wayside." located in Fluvanna Co. Virginia
  20. Sobriety House in Downtown Denver, Colorado was started in 1967 by The Reverend Ernest Morton Baber, Sr., who had served Citizen's Mission for 25 years before starting Sobriety House.  The Reverend Baber sought a homey place where people who were alcoholics could make a fresh start in a long-term program that would bring about a change in lifestyle. His objectives remain in place today.
  21. At Marlboro College in Marlboro, Vermont, a recent addition to the Whittemore Theater is the Drury Gallery, which showcases work by students, faculty and regional artists. Much of what is exhibited at the gallery is created in a cluster of buildings that include the Woodard and Baber visual arts buildings, the pottery shed and the Presser music building.
  22. Long, long ago, in Old London, England, beyond Southampton House, on the north side of Southampton Square (now Bloomsbury Square) open fields known as Baber's Field and the Long Field gave an uninterrupted view towards Hampstead and Highgate.  It was claimed that if a maiden found a piece of coal underneath a plantain root in these fields on midsummer's day, then placed the coal underneath her pillow that night, she would dream of her future husband.  Every year on midsummer's day, the fields were filled with young women on their hands and knees, digging for coal.
  23. Baber Room Cave is at an elevation of 2500 feet in Pocahontas County, West Virginia. It consists of a large waterfall pit connecting with a room 25 feet long and 20 feet high and wide. This leads to another room 70 feet long, 50 feet high, and 25 feet wide with a floor covered by breakdown.  Baber Pit is a large 50 foot pit extending into cliff face located north of Baber Room Cave.
  24. The Baber Room is at the Park Library at Central Michigan University.
  25. BABER, TEXAS. Baber was a sawmill town four miles south of Huntington in east central Angelina County. It was established by S. F. Carter about 1906 on the Texas and New Orleans Railroad and was at first the site of a small mill. Later, J. P. Carter, who had been associated with a mill at Emporia, constructed a larger plant at Baber with a daily capacity of 25,000 to 50,000 board feet. The second Carter owned substantial timberland between Huntington and Zavala, and this acreage sustained the mill at Baber for quite a few years. Baber, named for a lumberman, had its first postmaster, James Burns, in 1907. By 1915 the town had a population of 100 and at least three businesses. But the timber had been exhausted, and the mill was liquidated.  In 1915 local mail delivery was transferred to Huntington.
  26. Fort Baber near Norfolk, Virginia is in old military records.  For Example: Randolph Bobbitt was discharged on March 4, 1815, at Fort Baber, near Norfolk, Virginia.
  27. Richard Baber was in Essex Co. Virginia in 1706: Virginia Land Records - Page 70 - At Court Held for Essex County, Virginia March 10, 1703 - Certificate According to Act of Assembly Grant to Mr. Francis Moore for three Thousand seven hundred acres of land due for the Importation of seventy four persons in this colony.  Among those listed was Richard Baber.
  28. Cheddar, England is not a place where many Baber's were to be found.  One is a mention of a William Baber, who time wise could be the husband of Mrs. Baber and her daughter that were appointed by Hannah More as the first teachers of a school opened on October 25th 1789.  Much of its success was due to those two teachers.  "When Mrs. Baber died, the whole of Cheddar came to mourn her; the church could not contain all who would attend her funeral".  The Hannah More Female Friendly Society continued until 1948 at the start of the National Health Service in England.  Check for "Hannah More: The First Victorian" and/or search the web.  In the 1841 Census there was a Miss Eliza Baber living in Church Street, Cheddar aged 20 years old in a Drapers Shop. 
  29. Julian Trevelian Baber was a Secret Service Agent during the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  30. There is a Babers Road in Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia
  31. Some historical sites in King George Co. Virginia include Spy Hill was once owned by John Washington, George Washington's grandfather and it later was conveyed to Colonel Thomas B.B. Baber. His son Lt. Lewis Baber was killed on September 17, 1862 at Sharpsburg, Maryland.
  32. THE FREEMANS OF YORK COUNTY, VIRGINIA (This is 4 years before Robert came to Virginia.)
    On 3 June 1675, Henry Freeman witnessed a power of attorney between Samuel Baber and Joseph Yeamans, his servant. On 24 January 1675/76, Henry Freeman recovered judgment of 100 lbs. tobacco from Francis Callowhill on a debt due.76 Later that year, on 22 March 1675/76, Henry Freeman witnessed the will of Peter Starkey of New Poquosin, and was appointed overseer when the will was probated 24 April 1677.
  33. Jesse Thompson Baber worked his life with computers and helped design the first Lunar Landing Module in the early 1960's.
  34. Baber Point is located at the mouth of Upper Machodoc Creek in King George County, Virginia.  It is now part of the Naval Support Facility Dahlgren.


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