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We have two Baber Groups, one related to the couple in the tomb at Chew Magna & the 1679 Virginia Immigrant, and the other not related.

William Baber
+Susanna Johnson         m: December 16, 1802 in Chesterfield, Virginia

John Robertson
. +Sarah Baber b: Abt. 1782 in Albemarle Co. Virginia m: November 07, 1805 in Albemarle Co. Virginia 
       Father: John Baber Mother: Mary "Polly" ???

1 James Browne b: Sep 23, 1726 in Essex Co. Virginia d: Aug 06, 1814
.. +Mary Spearman b: Nov 13, 1730 d: Aug 06, 1823
2 Rhoda Browne b: Jun 18, 1769 d: 1868
.... +Edward Baber m: Nov 11, 1815 in Cumberland Co. Virginia
        Fact: Listed as Widower at Marriage to Rhoda Browne

Patsy Baber
+David Martin         m: November 09, 1818 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

Benjamin Baber
+Malinder ???         m: October 04, 1821 in Sumner, Tennessee

George Washington Baber
+Sally Steele         m: March 30, 1822 in Botetourt Co, Virginia

Amanda C. Baber
 +William Porter         m: November 11, 1823 in Westmoreland Co, Virginia

Asa Baber
+Nicy Kirk         m: October 09, 1826 in Madison Co, Kentucky

James Baber
+Edith Averette         m: April 10, 1827 in Johnston Co, Kentucky

Elisha Williams
+Susanna Baber m: July 13, 1833 in Nelson Co. Virginia 
   Fact:  Could be daughter of Achilles Baber.

James M. Baber
+Jane Nolan         m: April 13, 1848 in Madison Co, Kentucky

Letitia Josephine Baber 
Fact: Shown as MRS. on marriage application. 
Could be widow of Henry Bomberry Berry Baber.
. +George Gerbst m: December 21, 1840 in Maysville, Mason Co. Kentucky

Henry B. Baber Census 1820: Knox Co. Indiana - Age 26 to 44 Fact: Is this Henry Bomberry Berry Baber?
.. +??? Census 1820: Knox Co. Indiana - Age 16 to 25

James Baber
+Mary T. Roberts         m: November 10, 1849 in Pittsylvania Co, Virginia

James Baber
+Martha Graves         m: December 24, 1854 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

Samuel Baber
+Sally Whitaker         m: December 08, 1856 in Surry County, North Carolina 

Amanda E. Baber
+Jno T. Bailes         m: March 29, 1859 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

1 James Early Fact: Wife's name Mira.
2 Harriet A. Earley b: Feb 18, 1845 in North Carolina d: Jun 04, 1911 in Comanche Co. Texas Burial: Pendergrass Cemetery Census 1900: Comanche Co. Texas - Married to Lusk. Fact: Oct 16, 1867 Married to William Dolphus Lusk of Gilmore Co. Georgia. Later moved to Texas
.... +S.D. Baber m: Oct 10, 1864 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina Military service: Killed in Civil War Fact: Is this Decatur Baber?

William Baber b: in Albemarle Co. Virginia 
   Fact: May be a late in life marriage as neither listed parents. 
        Residence: Raised in Albemarle Co. Virginia
.. +Elizabeth Vest b: in Lynchburg, Virginia m: February 05, 1869 in Albemarle Co. Virginia 
   Fact: Raised in Albemarle Co. Virginia

Nanny J. Baber
+James H. Bragg         m: November 16, 1871 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

Laura C. Baber
+James M. Hunt         m: April 26, 1885 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

M.F. Baber
+W.H. Haynes         m: May 19, 1890 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

N.J. Baber
+O.B. Hass         m: December 24, 1891 in Albemarle Co, Virginia

George Baber
+Catherine Moniller            m: August 19, 1849 in Dearborn Co. Indiana

James Baber
+Vina Rumph            m: April 24, 1869 in Barbour, Alabama

James Baber
+Nancy Bullock            m: December 26, 1879 in Sumner Co. Tennessee

Jesse Baber
+Mary Berry            m: Abt. 1893 in Barren, Kentucky

Maria Baber
+Andy Osborn            m: January 08, 1881 in Washington, Texas

Polly Baber    b: Abt. 1831 in Morgan, Indiana
+John Woods            m: Abt. 1852

Mollie Baber
+William Patterson            m: March 06, 1874 in Sumner Co. Tennessee

Nancy Baber
+Samuel Clark            m: December 22, 1802 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

Nancy Baber
+John B. Smith            m: April 02, 1838 in Crawford Co. Illinois

 Albert Baber
. +Martha A. Stephenson m: October 21, 1901 in Lake Co. Illinois

John J. Baber
. +Mary M. Jenkins m: January 04, 1885 in Coles Co. Illinois

John T. Baber b: Abt. 1820 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina
. +Catherine Daniel m: May 23, 1849 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Irine Baber
+Dan Jackson            m: May 21, 1882 in Washington, Texas

J.R. Baber
+Mary M. Edwards    b: February 16, 1887

Callie Baber
+Aaron Williams           m: June 23, 1872 in Sumner Co. Tennessee                            
    *2nd Husband of Callie Baber:
+Joe Seay            m: December 30, 1880 in Sumner Co. Tennessee

Selina Baber    b: Abt. 1871
+William Wright            m: February 15, 1892 in Lafayette, Arkansas

A.H. Baber
+M.E. Banks            m: August 19, 1887 in Polk Co. Arkansas

Harriett Baber
+Simon Reeves            m: December 30, 1879 in Winston Co. Mississippi

Hattie Baber
+Squire Bowens            m: January 18, 1894 in Fulton Co. Georgia

Henry Baber
+Hassie Moore            m: September 18, 1884 in Benton Co, Tennessee

Henry Baber
+Leana Hynes            m: August 24, 1877 in Davidson, Tennessee

Joseph W. Baber    b: March 03, 1847 in Buckingham Co. Virginia
+Evie L. Miles

Joseph Baber
+Martha Ann Bailey            m: March 08, 1879 in Athens, Ohio

Lydia Baber    b: Abt. 1830 in Homer, Cortland Co. New York
+Andrew J. Babcock

Lelia Baber    b: Abt. 1834 in Smithfield, Virginia
+Pleasant Green Taylor

Lydia Baber
+William Bull            m: Abt. 1841 in Augusta Co. Virginia

Fannie Baber
+Frank Bird            m: November 20, 1880 in Pike, Alabama

F.I. Baber
+Harriet Oliver            m: December 03, 1869 in Madison, Tennessee

1 Peter Wimmer
.. +Elizabeth Shirley
2 Robert S. Wimmer b: Dec 11, 1805 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co. Pennsylvania d: Dec 15, 1893 in Payson, Utah Co. Utah Census 1880: Farmer Fact: Previous wife died July 29, 1869, Payson, Utah.
.... +Elizabeth Baber b: Abt. 1814 in North Carolina m: Jul 31, 1871 in Utah Co. Utah d: Bef. 1878 Census 1880: Wife of Robert is Nancy Hiatt.

Belle Baber
+Isaiah McCoy            m: January 23, 1895 in Fulton Co. Georgia

Mollie A. Baber
+William E. Knapp            m: in Richmond, Virginia

James B. Baber
+Mary Jane Harris            m: October 19, 1845 in Dubois Co. Indiana  

Margaret Baber
+Juleen Baird            m: December 28, 1871 in Jackson, Arkansas

Margaret Baber
+Henry Fields            m: December 23, 1879 in Jackson, Arkansas

Joe Baber b: Sep 28, 1911 in New York Fact: Immigrant Parents d: Apr 24, 1998 in Euclid, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio
.. +Mary Toth b: Abt. 1913 in Pennsylvania d: May 2008 in Euclid, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio

Rebecca Baber
+David Buchman            m: August 16, 1848 in Auglaize Co. Ohio

Rebecca A. Baber
+Thomas P. McClain            m: December 21, 1854 in Hempstead, Arkansas

Rosena Baber
+George Sherla            m: April 1879 in Clay, Kansas

Roxanna Baber
+John G. Palmer            m: May 12, 1872 in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Samuel Baber
+Caroline Hudson            m: February 18, 1871 in Davidson, Tennessee

Sarah Babers
+Thomas Baker            m: November 01, 1871 in Hempstead, Arkansas

Sary Baber
+Ezekil Burgis            m: September 08, 1736 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Susannah Baber
+Benjamin Johnson            m: April 23, 1845 in Clinton Co. Ohio

Timothy Baber b: Bef. 1886 in Scottsville, Virginia
.. +Lily Norvell b: November 05, 1886 in Scottsville, Virginia d: April 1972 in Richmond, Virginia**

W.E. Baber
+Mattie Walker            m: December 30, 1875 in Obion, Tennessee

William C. Baber
+Ida E. Baldwin            m: September 30, 1879 in Berrien, Michigan

Addie Baber    b: Abt. 1854 in Sumner Co. Tennessee
  +John Waller Head             m: Abt. 1874 in Sumner Co. Tennessee

Alfred Baber    b: Abt. 1860 in New York
  +Clara Edith Martin    b: in New York         m: October 10, 1893

Monroe Baber                                                                    
   +Molly Gracy     m: July 13, 1879 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

Luther Baber                                                                    
  +Lorriane Davis      m: April 05, 1946 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

Rosaline J. McDowell    b: September 28, 1839 in St. Louis, Missouri    d: August 06, 1916 in El Paso Co. Texas
   +Edward Baber
   *2nd Husband of Rosaline J. McDowell:
   +James A. Mackley  m: January 20, 1864 in Lee Co. Iowa

Charity Baber                                                                    
  +C. Freeman   m: February 05, 1818 in Sumner Co. Tennessee

Elisha Baber
  +Betty Bradshaw        m: October 08, 1807 in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia

Ella Baber    b: 1871 in Texas 
  +John Willis Hargrave    b: December 20, 1867 in Texas     d: June 19, 1924      
  Father: Eldred Glenn Hargrave    Mother: Marium Elizabeth Chapman

Hampton Baber
  +Susan F. Shropshire   m: January 19, 1841 in Marion Co. Missouri

 Julia Ann Baber
. +Samuel T. Talbott m: March 12, 1855 in Clay Co. Indiana

 Milly Baber
. +Alexander Stewart m: March 01, 1857 in Clay Co. Indiana

Elmira Baber
. +Richard Lott m: December 05, 1885 in Washington Co. Texas

Tennessee Baber Fact: Mrs. Tennessee Baber on marriage license.
. +Thomas Hogans m: December 24, 1888 in Washington Co. Texas

 Sarah Jane Baber
. +George Day m: November 06, 1891 in Washington Co. Texas

Virginia Baber
. +Gilbert Davis m: August 26, 1885 in Washington Co. Texas

William Edward Baber b: Abt. 1937
. +Patricia Deanne Fineron b: Abt. 1947 m: July 30, 1966 in El Paso Co. Texas

J. Alfred Baber
  +June Seay    m: June 09, 1891 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

James Baber
  +Mary T. Roberts    m: November 10, 1849 in Pittsylvania Co, Virginia

Thomas Baber    b: Abt. 1843
  +Milly Taylor    b: Abt. 1839     m: June 05, 1867 in Buckingham Co. Virginia     Fact: Widow

James G. Baber
  +Bettie B. Bryant       m: September 27, 1892 in Charlotte Co. Virginia

Jeff Baber
  +Lou Willis      m: February 27, 1884 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

Katherine Baber
+Dabney Baird       m: June 26, 1988 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

M.A. Baber
  +H.J. George   m: November 08, 1883 in Hill, Texas

Mary Baber
  +William Jennings       m: October 23, 1811 in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia

Nancy Baber
  +???   M:  July 15, 1805

James Pearce b: 1754 d: 1850
. +Nancy Baber m: December 13, 1809 in Chatham Co. Georgia

Nancy Baber
  +Dabney Baird    m: August 29, 1946 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

Thomas Edward Wood
  +Sherry Lee Baber      m: December 15, 1983 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia

Thomas Baber
  +Polly McClendon     m: August 25, 1815 in Jasper Co.

W.B. Baber
  +Lou Martin        m: July 21, 1905 in Hopkins,Texas

William Baber    b: 1901 in Arcadia, Oklahoma
  +Hazel Opal Ward    b: April 02, 1905 in Arcadia, Oklahoma     d: February 06, 1972 in Santa Barbara, California       Father: Joseph Arthur Ward    Mother: Clara Ellen Robertson

Harriett Babers
  +Frank Harden        m: November 28, 1878 in Gibson Co. Tennessee

1 George Washington Davidson b: Abt. 1772 in Virginia d: March 1863 in Dade Co. Missouri Burial: Daughtrey Cemetery, Dade Co. Missouri
.. +Virginia (Jane Jenny) Reyburn b: May 26, 1781 in Montgomery Co. Virginia m: July 17, 1804 in Montgomery, Virginia 
d: November 27, 1863 in Dade Co. Missouri
. 2 Rebecca Ann Davidson b: May 05, 1805 in Montgomery Co. Virginia
..... +Harrison Babers b: Bef. 1801 in Montgomery Co. Virginia m: June 25, 1840 in Washington Co. Missouri 

Nolia Baber b: March 12, 1907 d: August 29, 1995 in Bronx, New York
.. +Robert Martin d: May 1987 Father: Joseph E. Martin Mother: Mary Pearl Sellers

 Thomas Edward Baber
. +Rachel Elizabeth Minter b: August 28, 1910 in Shores, Fluvanna Co. Virginia m: April 19, 1941
   Father: Harry Bernard Minter Mother: Cora Blanche Cobb

William C. Baber b: Abt. 1845
. +Elizabeth Hines m: 1874 in Allen Co. Ohio

1 Edward M. Snavely
.. +Anna E. Mumma
2 Russel M. Snavely b: Nov 20, 1906 d: Dec 23, 1974 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. Pennsylvania*
.... +Ruth Cecelia Baber b: Mar 27, 1916 m: Abt. 1938 d: Jul 10, 2000 in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co. Pennsylvania*
    Fact: SS Card Issued Missouri

James H. Baber
. +Emma Reardon m: April 04, 1892 in Delaware Co. Indiana

 William Barker
.. +Ann Baber m: April 16, 1866 in Sumner Co. Tennessee

Susan Baber
.. +Nick Davis m: July 12, 1876 in Wilson Co. Tennessee

Charles E. Baber b: 1882 d: 1958 Burial: New Beulah Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana
.. +Mamie ??? b: 1882 Burial: New Beulah Cemetery, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Roy Baber b: August 23, 1916 d: February 15, 1981 Burial: Winchester Cemetery, Kentucky
.. +Marie Caudill b: April 18, 1920 d: September 19, 1977 Burial: Winchester Cemetery, Kentucky

 John C. "Dick" Baber Fact: Of Spartanburg, South Carolina
. +Annie Marie Hensley Fact: Of Arcadia Mills, South Carolina 
    m: February 06, 1935 in Spartanburg, South Carolina 

 Wesley Johnson
. +Carrie B. Baber m: December 01, 1897 in Ray Co. Missouri

William Spencer
. +Nannie Baber m: October 21, 1866 in Ray Co. Missouri

 A.R. Baber
. +Rozetta J. Kemp m: March 05, 1889 in Hot Springs, Arkansas

 Louis Baber
. +Kate Kyle m: November 12, 1927 in Greer Co. Oklahoma

 Joseph M. Baber
. +Sarah L. Gibson m: October 12, 1871 in Lucas Co. Iowa

 George W. Baber b: August 09, 1915 d: September 16, 1989
    Burial: Hampton National Cemetery, Virginia
. +Mildred C. ??? b: October 22, 1922 d: September 28, 1986 
    Burial: Hampton National Cemetery, Virginia

John Babers
. +Carrie Johnson m: August 13, 1888 in Spartanburg, South Carolina 

George B. Baber Fact: Of Washington, D.C.
. +Mary Roach Fact: Of Atlanta, Georgia m: September 03, 1934 in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Minnie Baber b: March 27, 1867 d: January 18, 1935 in Staunton, Virginia
. +John S. Walker m: September 27, 1888 in Waynesboro, Virginia

Eva Baber
. +Edward Leigh b: Abt. 1891 d: Abt. November 17, 1949 in Louisa Co. Virginia

1 Samuel Franklin
.. +Rachel Powell
. 2 Abner H. Franklin b: Abt. 1810
...... +Willa Baber m: November 04, 1865 in Bedford Co. Virginia Fact: 2nd of 3 wives.

Janie J. Baber b: Abt. 1929
. +Billy Waupin m: January 18, 1949 in California Marriage Index

Betty J. Baber b: Abt. 1930
. +Myron H. Buck m: April 29, 1950 in California Marriage Index

Mildred E. Baber b: Abt. 1929
. +Norman Marcott m: July 16, 1950 in California Marriage Index

Francill Baber b: Abt. 1926
. +Marvin Taylor m: June 26, 1954 in California Marriage Index

Marjorie Baber b: Abt. 1939
. +Bernard Deballe m: January 30, 1955 in California Marriage Index

Yvonne Baber b: Abt. 1936
. +Charles Wooten m: March 27, 1955 in California Marriage Index

Glenda Baber b: Abt. 1940
. +Thomas Holcomb m: July 23, 1956 in California Marriage Index

Camille Baber b: Abt. 1941
. +John Robbins m: October 27, 1956 in California Marriage Index

Laverne P. Baber b: Abt. 1921
. +William H. English m: May 14, 1959 in California Marriage Index

Tena Baber
. +Hugh Park m: August 06, 1885 in Madison Co. Kentucky

1 James N. Baber b: Abt. 1821 in Kentucky Census 1880: Patrick Gap, Lawrence Co. Kentucky
.. +Sarah Parker m: January 08, 1870 in Lawrence Co. Kentucky
*2nd Wife of James N. Baber:
.. +Julia A. Pack b: Abt. 1840 in Kentucky m: November 02, 1873 in Lawrence Co. Kentucky

1 Emma Risner Collinsworth
. 2 Louise Collinsworth b: November 26, 1915 d: March 1983 in Berry, Harrison Co. Kentucky Burial: Morgan Cemetery, Pendleton Co. Kentucky Fact: Buried with her mother.
...... +?Unknown Baber

Brandi J. Baber b: Abt. 1980
.. +Roy R. Mealer b: Abt. 1979 m: August 07, 1999 in Fannin Co. Texas

1 John Marvin Russell b: November 18, 1926 in Grady, Lincoln Co. Arkansas
.. +Dorothy Beatrice Stockdill b: May 11, 1930 in Grady, Lincoln Co. Arkansas
2 John Eugene Russell b: October 04, 1972 in Grady, Lincoln Co. Arkansas
..... +Connie Baber m: June 24, 1994

Walace Baber b: Abt. 1868 in West Virginia Occupation: Stage Carpenter Census: 1920 Ward 33 Chicago
. +Eda ??? b: Abt. 1868 in Indiana

Tina J. Baber b: Abt. 1971
. +Casey M. McCall b: Abt. 1971 m: December 30, 1991 in Bell Co. Texas

Wyatt Baber aka: Wyatt Babers b: Jun 09, 1835 in Bowling Green, Warren Co. Kentucky Fact: Relatives of Woodson Baber in area. Death info confirmed by Snoderly. d: Nov 30, 1911 in Clearmont, Nodaway Co. Missouri Burial: Oak Hill Census 1900: Clearmont Village, Atchison Twp, Nodaway Co. listed as Babbers, neither of them read or write
.. +Malinda Robbins b: Jun 24, 1835 in Anderson, Union Co. Tennessee Fact: Apr 30, 1857 married Henry Snoderly. m: Aug 10, 1892 in Furnas Co. Nebraska d: Jun 08, 1922 in Marysville, Nodaway Co. Missouri Father: Samuel Robbins Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" Wallace

Anderson Baber
. +Mary Ethel m: January 01, 1890 in Yazoo Co. Mississippi

 Perry Grant Gray
.. +Ida May Baber b: February 25, 1871 d: June 15, 1893 in Montgomery Co. Indiana? Burial: IOOF Cemetery, Darlington Twp. Montgomery Co. Indiana

William Baber 
.. +Elizabeth Chiles m: December 28, 1789 in Mecklenburg Co. Virginia Fact: Widow of John Hutcheson IV, married August 30, 1763 Father: James Chiles Mother: Elizabeth Durrett

William Baber:
.. +Polly King m: August 31, 1817 in Mecklenburg Co. Virginia

Jonathan Baber b: in Missouri Occupation: Farmer Census: 1860 Perry Co. Missouri
.. +Mary J. ??? b: in Missouri

1 David W. "Uncle Dave" Patman b: April 29, 1810 in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia 
    d: March 26, 1882 in Lexington, Oglethorpe Co. Georgia
... +Elizabeth Barnett Collins m: December 18, 1828 in Oglethorpe Co. Georgia
. 2 Mary Massengale Patman
...... +Littleton Baber

Wiel N. Williamson
.. +Mary Ann Baber m: October 26, 1830 in Logan Co. Kentucky

Charles C. Baber b: Abt. 1857
   Census 1920: Raleigh, Wake Co. North Carolina - Commercial Traveler/Dry Goods.
.. +Iris C. ??? b: Abt. 1863

Clinton W. Baber Occupation: Colonel, U.S. Army Retired
.. +Lucille Anderson b: Abt. 1914 d: February 26, 2001 in Richmond, Virginia Burial: Arlington National Cemetery 
      (Visit Notes Page: See Obit at Note 12.)

1 Robert W. Wilkinson
... +Frances L. ???
. 2 Mabel S. Wilkinson b: Abt. 1879  Census 1920:  Farmer/fruit farm
...... +John A. Baber b: Abt. 1879 in Wisconsin Fact: Father born USA, mother born Pennsylvania. Census 1920: Okanogan Co. Washington - Commercial Teacher/Export-Import - Living with father-in-law

1 Earl Francis Smith b: January 01, 1887 in Adams Co. Iowa d: February 22, 1966
.. +Winifred Hanna b: June 02, 1890 in Corning, Iowa m: 1909 d: September 12, 1953 in Nebraska City, Nebraska
2 Lela Mary Smith b: November 08, 1917 d: January 1993 in North Las Vegas, Clark Co. Nevada** 
    Fact: Previously married to Sheeney Williams.
..... +Raymond E. Baber b: May 19, 1916 d: October 10, 1992 in North Las Vegas, Clark Co. Nevada**

1 M.L. Hall
2 O.B. Hall b: Abt. 1869 in Fluvanna Co. Virginia Fact: Raised in Albemarle Co. Virginia
..... +N.J. Baber b: Abt. 1873 in Albemarle Co. Virginia m: December 24, 1891 in Albemarle Co. Virginia 
      Residence: Raised in Albemarle Co. Virginia
        Fact: Is this the daughter of James H. Baber and Sarah Jane Nelson? 

John Baber
.. +Nancy Gray m: August 06, 1865 in Hamilton Co. Tennessee

 William Baber
.. +Violet Stewart m: May 23, 1896 in Winston Co. Mississippi

Samuel Shuler b: in /of Owen Co. Indiana
.. +Polly Ann Baber b: in /of Greene Co. Indiana m: March 07, 1857 in Clay Co. Indiana 
         Fact: May be the widow of George Baber, son of Katherine Wiles.

E.E. Andrews
.. +Harriett E. Baber m: July 01, 1922 in Tulsa Co. Oklahoma

Alfonso H. Baber
.. +Martha Congleton m: May 28, 1862 in Kanawha Co. West Virginia

Victoria Lyn Baber
.. +Clyde R. Jasper m: December 30, 1977 in Fulton Co. Indiana
*2nd Husband of Victoria Lyn Baber:
.. +Jon Dale Fultz m: October 01, 1983 in Fulton Co. Indiana

Luella Baber b: 1902 d: in Texarkana, Arkansas Fact: First marriage was to Baber.
.. +Emmett Hill m: May 03, 1937 in Union Co. Arkansas

Thomas Baber b: in /of Hempstead Co. Arkansas
.. +Era Bernice Blakeley
   m: August 25, 1918 in Pike Co. Arkansas

Robert Baber b: October 18, 1878 d: August 1966 in Ironton, Iron Co. Missouri**
.. +Myrtle B. ??? b: July 23, 1885 in Iowa d: April 06, 1975 in Loomis, Placer Co. California**

1 Larkin Herndon
... +Elizabeth Terrell
2 Edward Herndon b: August 12, 1792 in Caswell Co. North Carolina d: January 06, 1857 in Boone Co. Indiana
..... +Nancy Howard
*2nd Wife of Edward Herndon:
..... +Hester Baber m: November 12, 1848 in Putnam Co. Indiana

Abraham G. Baber
.. +Katie Bowman m: October 20, 1909 in Pulaski Co. Indiana

Adeline "Addie Baber b: Abt. 1872
.. +Isaac Young m: September 24, 1892 in Clinton Co. Indiana

Frank C. Baber b: Aug 27, 1905 d: Jul 12, 1998 in Wickliffe, Lake Co. Ohio Occupation: Railroad Worker
.. +Alice O. Zehel b: Mar 07, 1908 in Lorain, Lorain Co. Ohio d: Jun 07, 2003 in Wickliffe, Lake Co. Ohio Father: Frank Zehel Mother: Mary Malavasic

Adora F. Baber b: Abt. 1956
.. +David P. Bruder b: Abt. 1956 m: May 07, 1976 in San Bernardino Co. California

Agnes A. Baber b: Abt. 1929
.. +Ronald J. Ferrier b: Abt. 1934 m: November 22, 1974 in Los Angeles Co. California

Alice E. Baber b: Abt. 1931
 .. +Alvin White b: Abt. 1926 m: Jul 05, 1980 in Sacramento Co. California
 *2nd Husband of Alice E. Baber:
 .. +George Mahlon Banks, Sr. b: Abt. 1937 m: Oct 07, 1989 in Nevada

Aliceemm L. Baber b: Abt. 1948
.. +Ronald L. Welch b: Abt. 1943 m: June 05, 1964 in Santa Clara Co. California

Audrey M. Baber b: Abt. 1954
.. +Asa W. Smith b: Abt. 1953 m: August 21, 1976 in Los Angeles Co. California

Barbara A. Baber b: Abt. 1937
.. +John R. Cruse b: Abt. 1938 m: March 12, 1960 in Los Angeles Co. California
*2nd Husband of Barbara A. Baber:
.. +Billy R. Beaver b: Abt. 1940 m: October 04, 1966 in San Bernardino Co. California

Barbara D. Baber b: Abt. 1947
.. +Stanley J. Bartnick b: Abt. 1934 m: March 21, 1975 in Orange Co. California

Barbara J. Baber b: Abt. 1955
.. +Charles W. Day b: Abt. 1958 m: September 24, 1983 in Orange Co. California

Barbara L. Baber
.. +Charles L. Robinson m: December 07, 1975 in Los Angeles Co. California

Barbara O. Baber b: Abt. 1915
.. +Roland W. Hansen b: Abt. 1908 m: May 31, 1963 in Los Angeles Co. California

Barbara S. Baber b: Abt. 1947
.. +James W. Hicks b: Abt. 1944 m: November 11, 1965 in Los Angeles Co. California

Betty A. Baber b: Abt. 1941
.. +James F. Brown b: Abt. 1951 m: February 02, 1962 in Alameda Co. California
*2nd Husband of Betty A. Baber:
.. +Tom O. Ellsworth b: Abt. 1945 m: February 28, 1964 in Alameda Co. California

Beverly J. Baber b: Abt. 1932
.. +Edward W. Zmudka b: Abt. 1928 m: October 31, 1964 in San Bernardino Co. California

1 Carol L. Baber b: Abt. 1937
.. +Robert Lee Lundy b: Abt. 1938 m: Jan 30, 1959 in Los Angeles Co. California
2 Brent A. Lundy b: Jun 12, 1962 in Los Angeles Co. California
*2nd Husband of Carol L. Baber:
.. +Alfredo O. Aulcy b: Abt. 1944 m: Nov 22, 1971 in Los Angeles Co. California
*3rd Husband of Carol L. Baber:
.. +Gilbert Aukquon Wong b: Jul 23, 1939 in California m: Nov 10, 1974 in Los Angeles Co. California d: May 22, 1983 in Los Angeles Co. California

Catharin L. Baber
.. +Dalice Franklin Hardwick b: January 04, 1911 d: September 11, 1997 in Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co. California 
       m: November 09, 1975 in Sonoma Co. California

Celmira V. Baber b: Abt. 1941
.. +Roberet L. Gibson b: Abt. 1947 m: October 01, 1983 in Napa Co. California

Charlott Baber b: Abt. 1955
.. +Anderson C. Shields b: Abt. 1956 m: May 21, 1975 in Los Angeles Co. California

Helen J. Baber b: Abt. 1945
.. +William M. Jennings b: Abt. 1943 m: November 06, 1970 in Los Angeles Co. California

George Baber b: Abt. 1963
.. +Patricia Cunningham b: Abt. 1972 m: August 17, 2002 in Jefferson Co. Kentucky 

James T. Baber b: Abt. 1978
.. +Sophie S. Tolson b: Abt. 1981 m: September 28, 2002 in Clark Co. Kentucky

Jason N. Baber b: Abt. 1972
.. +Michele A. Hymer b: Abt. 1970 m: August 02, 2002 in Estill Co. Kentucky

Steven Baber b: Abt. 1982
.. +Carmell Hall b: Abt. 1983 m: August 19, 2002 in Menifee Co. Kentucky

Laura L. Baber b: Abt. 1957 Fact: May be 4th marriage. Maiden name may not be Baber.
.. +Eric A. Cooke b: Abt. 1067 m: March 08, 2002 in Greenup Co. Kentucky

Lisa D. Baber b: Abt. 1980
.. +Jeffrey S. Smith b: Abt. 1979 m: June 01, 2002 in Jessamine Co. Kentucky

Vernon F. Baber b: Abt. 1975
.. +Sharon L. Sexton b: Abt. 1968 m: August 25, 1998 in Clark Co. Kentucky Divorce: 2000 in Clark Co. Kentucky

Deborah A. Baber
.. +Jason C. Wade m: 1999 Divorce: 2001 in Powell Co. Kentucky

Sherri J. Baber b: Abt. 1965
.. +Craig S. Edrington b: Abt. 1961 m: 1995 in Breckinridge Co. Kentucky Divorce: 2000 in Jefferson Co. Kentucky

Norma J. Baber b: Abt. 1935
.. +Constan C. Lopez b: Abt. 1942 m: 1999 in Jessamine Co. Kentucky Divorce: 2002 in Clark Co. Kentucky

 Augusta Baber
.. +Jepu Weston m: September 18, 1889 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Eliza Baber
.. +Thomas Miller m: in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Elizabeth Baber
.. +William Edwards m: September 18, 1865 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Martha Baber
.. +Joseph Miller m: January 04, 1883 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Mary Baber
.. +Maxwell Hill m: December 08, 1901 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Charles Baber
.. +Georgeanna Logan m: August 14, 1887 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

W. W. Baber
.. +Frankie Biggerstaff m: June 07, 1883 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina

Reginald C. Bryant
.. +Marcell Baber m: March 27, 1937 in Hendry Co. Florida

R.P. Baber Fact: Is the the R. Baber that died in July 1970 in New Mexico?
.. +Ethel Winsett m: August 25, 1939 in Donna Ana Co. New Mexico

Brian Baber Fact: Grandson of Clarence Baber II. Related to Margie Baber 26 Mar 1911/01 Nov 1997 same county?
.. +Lydia M. Walker m: March 04, 2001 in Mahoning Co. Ohio

James Joseph Almore b: April 09, 1925 d: November 1984 in Houston, Harris Co Texas
.. +Lula Baber b: Abt. 1934 m: March 18, 1968 in Harris Co. Texas

1 John Baber
... +Cynthia Davison
2 Elizabeth Baber b: Abt. 1847 in Indiana Census 1900: Guilford Twp. Hendricks Co. Indiana - Age 53
..... +Samuel Musgrave m: November 22, 1900 in Hendricks Co. Indiana

August Platzki
.. +Christina Baber m: November 22, 1880 in Cook Co. Illinois

 John McFarlane
.. +Emaline Baber m: November 05, 1878 in Clay Co. Illinois

Charles H. Tanner
.. +Martha Baber m: August 19, 1880 in Cook Co. Illinois

John Warszofski
.. +Mary Baber m: October 10, 1882 in Cook Co. Illinois

George L. Duncan
.. +Rosa Baber m: September 14, 1890 in Cook Co. Illinois

Thomas Rumburg b: 1763 d: 1843
.. +Elizabeth ???
2 Maria Eliza Rumburg b: Abt. 1828
..... +James Baber m: Abt. 1858 in Monroe Co. West Virginia

Eliza Baber
.. +James Walker m: October 21, 1891 in Winston Co. Mississippi

Daniel Baber
.. +Maggie Smith m: January 11, 1896 in Oktibbeha Co. Mississippi

Isaur Baber
.. +Cina Miller m: December 24, 1897 in Winston Co. Mississippi

W.E. Jeffries
.. +Mrs. M.A. Baber m: December 11, 1878 in Winston Co. Mississippi

S.B. Baber
.. +Mattie Gilles m: January 10, 1883 in Winston Co. Mississippi

Lee Eiland
.. +Harriett Baber m: January 05, 1899 in Winston Co. Mississippi

Lee Baber
.. +Lisa Cooper m: May 07, 1879 in Winston Co. Mississippi

 ??? Young
.. +Helen Baber b: April 27, 1915 d: August 02, 2003 in Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona**
     Occupation: Retired Teacher, originally from South Carolina. SS Card issued in West Virginia.

Suzanne Baber b: Abt. 1967
.. +Steven G. Simpson b: Abt. 1965 m: Jul 19, 2002 in Jack Co. Texas

Alfred C. Baber b: Jan 20, 1913 in New York d: Jul 05, 1996 in Oregon City, Clackamas Co. Oregon
.. +Jessie Jane ??? b: Aug 20, 1914 in California d: Jan 30, 1999 in Oregon City, Clackamas Co. Oregon

 Jason B. Baber b: Abt. 1975
.. +Heather D. Aultz b: Abt. 1979 m: Jul 05, 2001 in Clay Co. Texas

Johnny Baber b: Abt. 1959
.. +Margardell Garner b: Abt. 1959 m: Jun 02, 2001 in Harris Co. Texas

Lea Baber b: Abt. 1956
.. +Jake M. Minton b: Abt. 1951 m: Apr 29, 2001 in Hutchinson Co. Texas

Heather D. Baber b: Abt. 1965
.. +Dustin W. Osburn b: Abt. 1967 m: Apr 27, 2001 in Montgomery Co. Texas

1 Milton Harris
.. +Helen A. O'Hara
2 Thomas W. Harris, Sr. b: Sep 09, 1947 in Findlay, Hancock Co. Ohio d: Jan 04, 2005 in Lima Memorial Hospital, ER, Lima, Ohio Fact: Children from previous marriage in obit.
.... +Joan E. Baber b: Feb 1944 m: Mar 27, 1985

Anna B. Baber Fact: Couple could be near 50 years of age and second marriage for Anna.
.. +Edward A. Egan m: Feb 10, 1934 in St. Joseph Co. Indiana

Marjorie Baber
.. +Fred Fiedler m: 1934 in St. Joseph Co. Indiana

Silas Riley
.. +Willie Babers m: 1936 in St. Joseph Co. Indiana

1 Samuel Raymond Stark, Sr. b: Jan 25, 1923 in Akron, Summit Co. Ohio d: Jul 03, 2000 in Painesville, Lake Co. Ohio
.. +Arlene Zaiser m: Nov 22, 1947
2 Polly M. Stark Residence: Painesville, Lake Co. Ohio
..... +Unknown Baber

1 George William La Forge b: Abt. 1851 in Texas
.. +Margaret Dunahoo b: Abt. 1853 in Arkansas
2 Levie L. LaForge b: Abt. 1900 in Texas Census 1930: Beauty Shop Operator
..... +Horace Baber b: Abt. 1890 in Texas m: Abt. 1929 Fact: Census says both parents born Tennessee Census 1930: Breckenridge, Stephens Co. Texas - Cleaner & Repair - Living with father-in-law.

Unknown Baber
.. +Juanita Ruth Lormand b: Apr 19, 1937 in Eunice, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana d: Mar 28, 2006 in Abilene, Taylor Co. Texas Fact: Previously married to Kays. Father: Lawrence Lormand Mother: Lilly Sonnier

Casey D. Bilbrey
.. +Amy P. Baber m: Mar 28, 2001 in Clark Co. Nevada

James Louis Purcell Residence: 1983 California
.. +Andrea R. Baber m: Jun 25, 1983 in Clark Co. Nevada

Donald Michael Thomson
.. +Angela Maxine Baber m: Aug 21, 1993 in Clark Co. Nevada 

Luther M. Baber
.. +Edmonia S. House m: Mar 01, 1911 in Spotsylvania Co. Virginia

Virginia A. Baber b: Abt. 1903
.. +Belton M. Odom b: Abt. 1902 m: Apr 29, 1925 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co. North Carolina

Robert Anderson
.. +Rosa Baber m: Dec 06, 1936 in Crittenden Co. Arkansas

Carla Jean Berry b: Abt. 1956
.. +James Michael Baber b: Abt. 1946 m: Feb 14, 1990 in St. Louis Co. Minnesota Mother: ?? Hunt

Melvin M. Baber b: Abt. 1964
.. +Vivian L Miller b: Abt. 1964 m: Jun 18, 1994 in Hennepin Co. Minnesota

Joan Carol Baber b: Abt. 1946 Fact: Baber is probably married name.
.. +Duane Gerald Hinkley b: Abt. 1936 m: Mar 09, 1990 in Ramsey Co. Minnesota

Duane C. Mattson b: Abt. 1938
.. +Ardyce K. Baber b: Abt. 1940 m: Apr 25, 1959 in Ramsey Co. Minnesota

Charles E. Bradford b: Abt. 1964
.. +Debra J. Baber b: Abt. 1966 m: Jun 06, 1987 in Hennepin Co. Minnesota

Terry L. Miller b: Abt. 1950
.. +Vickie J. Baber b: Abt. 1956 m: Nov 30, 1974 in Beltrami Co. Minnesota

 Roy Baber b: Abt. 1922 Residence: 2007 Cowarts, Houston Co. Alabama
.. +Hermione Hill Father: Riley Hill Mother: Paralee ??

Ronnie G. Baber b: Abt. 1946
.. +Carol E. Kirby Father: Coleman Kirby Mother: Effie ??

Vernon J. Baber b: Abt. 1933 Residence: 2007 Cleveland, Ohio
.. +Annie Jo Jeffery b: Abt. 1936

Donna R. Anderson
.. +William Franklin Baber, Jr. b: Oct 02, 1932 in Virginia Military service: US Navy - Korean War m: Jun 15, 1962 in Clark Co. Nevada d: Aug 05, 1962 in Monterey Co. California Burial: Golden Gate National Cemetery Mother: ?? Turner

1 Oral Ward
.. +Alice Fisher
2 Mary Jane Ward b: Jul 13, 1917 in Huntington, Huntington Co. Indiana died Apr 1977.  Fact: SS Issued in Illinois. Brother's obit in Fort Wayne, Indiana newspaper.
.... +Unknown Baber

1 Irvine Rhodus
.. +Nettie Kelly b: Nov 03, 1901 d: May 1978 in Richmond, Madison Co. Kentucky
2 Lola Rhodus b: Nov 11, 1917 in Madison Co. Kentucky d: Jul 03, 1992 in Richmond, Madison Co. Kentucky
.... +Unknown Baber

1 William Don Sorrells
.. +Sandra Jeanette Havens b: Oct 20, 1946 d: Nov 14, 2009 in Longview, Texas
2 Kelly Sorrells
.... +Unknown Baber

1 Zachariah Morris
.. +Anne Nash
2 Mary E. Morris b: 1858 in Kentucky d: Jan 16, 1918 in Washington Twp. Stone Co. Missouri Burial: Galena Cemetery
.... +Unknown Babers Fact: White

1 William Hamilton b: in England
.. +Sarah May Perry b: in Sheridan, Hamilton Co. Indiana
2 Geneva R. Hamilton b: Jun 06, 1905 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co. Indiana d: Jul 09, 1925 in Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois Burial: Terre Haute, Vigo Co. Indiana
.... +Ralph Baber b: Abt. 1901 in Indiana Fact: This marriage is Joe's guess Census 1930: Detroit, Wayne Co. Michigan - Iron Worker foundry.

1 Wilber Baber
.. +Annie Brown b: Mar 31, 1924 in Wiggins, Stone Co. Mississippi m: Bef. 1974 d: Dec 11, 2012 in Wiggins, Stone Co. Mississippi Burial: Woodlawn Cemetery, Wiggins, Mississippi Fact: 1st married Curtis King Sr. - Associated with C.E. Baber born 1929 Father: Emmett Sterlng Brown Mother: Emma Sarahann Ailsey Bond

Richard Jon Baber b: Jun 15, 1982 d: in Jackson, Jackson Co. Michigan Residence: Jackson, Jackson Co. Michigan
.. +Amanda Marie Herzberg m: Jun 2014 in Jackson, Jackson Co. Michigan

Zachary A. Baber b: Jan 15, 1952 Residence: 1996 Omaha, Nebraska
.. +Numfon Paitoon m: Jan 31, 2002 in Douglas Co. Nebraska

Earl Baber d: Bef. 1940
.. +Marie Vantuyl b: Apr 02, 1884 in Butte Co. Montana d: Jun 22, 1945 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington Burial: Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood, Washington Father: Theodore Vantuyl Mother: Marie ?? Census 1940: Living with brother George.

1 George J. Pfeifer
... +Virginia L. Augustine
2 Deborah A. Pfeifer b: May 06, 1955 Fact: Divorced before 2007. Residence: 2021 Omaha, Nebraska
..... +Unknown Baber

1 Sam H. Busselle
... +Martha V. Lakey
2 May Viola Busselle b: Feb 14, 1891 in San Augustine Co. Texas d: Oct 02, 1965 in Memphis, Shelby Co. Tennessee
..... +Unknown Baber

1 Unknown Baber
...+Unknown Hunt
2 James Michael Baberaka: Mikeb: Jan 08, 1948 in Des Moines, Polk Co. Iowad: Jun 16, 1998 in Duluth, St. Louis Co. Minnesota
.....+Carla Jean Berryb: Apr 09, 1956 in Hennepin Co. Minnesotam: Feb 14, 1990 in St. Louis Co. Minnesota Father: Wayne Marlin Berry

1 Unknown Baber
.. +Eunice Faye Bethany b: Jan 21, 1928 in Taylor, Lafayette Co. Arkansas m: Dec 07, 1984 in Social Security Records d: Dec 04, 1998 Fact: Jul 09, 1948 Married Seth Leon Logan. Fact: Sep 15, 1943 married Doyle Thompson. Father: Jake C. Bethany Mother: Bessie Milton

1 Unknown Baber
.. +Virginia Lee Proctor b: Dec 24, 1911 in Cleveland Co. North Carolina m: Jul 30, 1975 in SS Records as Virginia Lee Baber d: Oct 25, 2004 in Kings Mountain, North Carolina Fact: Married Gaither Lee Ledford. Father: George Proctor Mother: Ollie Phillips

1 Allison Baber aka: Ally
.. +Kevin Gerard Ripplinger b: Apr 07, 1976 Father: Gerard P. Ripplinger Mother: Dorothy Vogel

1 Unknown Baber
.. +Betty D. Layton b: Oct 05, 1903 in Kentucky d: Nov 06, 1982 in Newport, Campbell Co. Kentucky Father: Ulyssues David Layton Mother: Mary Alice Kirk

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