Will of RICHARD BABER, the elder of Aldwick


RICHARD BABER, the elder of Aldwick in Blagdon, Yeoman. (Wells Registry)


1658 December 9th                Wife BARBARA Baber, a tenement, orchard etc for her Widowhood, where testator lives. Son WILLIAM Baber and his three children. Son JOHN Baber and his four children. Son THOMAS Baber. Son GEORGE Baber and his four children and my daughter SARAH. Grandson THOMAS Baber, son of testatorís son EDWARD.† Son EDWARD a gilt spoon with the letters F.B.† ELIZABETH daughter of the said EDWARD Baber. Daughter ALICE Thatcher. Daughter JANE Yeales and the three children of Richard Yeales. SAMUEL the son of SARAH daughter of RICHARD Baber, testatorís son.


Son RICHARD Baber to be residuary legatee and executor.

Overseers CHRISTOPHER Baber, testatorís brother and son EDWARD Baber.

Proved the 16th October, 1662.

Inventory £288. lOs. Od.


Buried at Blagdon the 16th September, 1662††††††††††††††††††††††† RICHARD Baber, Snr

                                 23rd           ď      1662                        BARBARY, the relict of Richard Baber



1657 May 30th††                     Robert Shaa of Charterhouse Hinton (near Blagdon) in the county of Somerset mentions JOHN Baber.




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