Will of John Baber of Newton, St. Loe.  Gentleman
September 30, 1693

JOHN Baber, of Newton  St. Loe. Gentleman.                                                     (Wells) N & Q V177

1693 September 30th   Being aged and infirm, is seized in fee simple of a messuage in Clayes End in Newton St.Loe, where he dwells with lands, tenements & hereditaments in Newton St.Loe Englishcombe and Twiverton, alias Twerton allotted to him upon a division with Mr. John Gay; these to go to my wife JOYCE for life, if she pay to my nephew JOHN Baber of the City of London, Gent. son of my brother JOSEPH Baber late of Corston, Clerk £10 yearly; after the death of the said JOYCE my wife, my messuage etc. to my brother BENJAMIN Baber, Alderman of Bath. Woollendraper, for his life, he to pay JOHN Baber £10 as above directed. Remainder of interest in the said lands etc. to said nephew JOHN Baber & his heirs. Niece ELIZABETH Baber, daughter of my brother JOSEPH Baber £70.  JOHN & ANN Baber, son and daughter of my nephew FRANCIS Baber £50 each after the reversion at Buckland Dinham shall come into the hands of my nephew JOHN Baber.  To JOHN son of FRANCIS Baber £5. To my kinsman Richard Dower of Avonend, Glos £10.
My sister-in-law Baber of Bath 20/- for a ring. My brother BENJAMIN and my brother in law Edward Weeks 5/- for gloves each. They to be Overseers. My wife JOYCE executrix.


Proved by JOYCE (nee Weeks) Baber, Executrix. 21st October, 1696. In Inventory he is called Yeoman £197.19.2.


1635 October 19th          URSULA Baber & Richard Dower, married Horsley.


The ‘BATH GAZETTE’ No.1234 dated 13-17th September, 1677.

JOHN Baber & John Gay advertise for recovery of horses, stolen or strayed.


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