Descendants of John Baber
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Most information about the family on this page based on the research of Vera Baber with later corrections and additions.  All Rights Reserved.

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We have two Baber Groups, one related to the couple in the tomb at Chew Magna & the 1679 Virginia Immigrant, and the other not related.

1 John Baber Fact: Listed as Beaber in Mangotsfield Parish Register.
.. +Elizabeth ??
2 Thomas Baber b: Abt. 1805 in Mangotsfield, Glos. Occupation: Poultry Dealer in 1881 Census, Siston, Glos. Fact: Listed as Beaver in 1841 Census - Bitton, Glos.
.... +Maria Batt b: Abt. 1802 in Mangotsfield, Glos. m: Dec 12, 1825 in Temple Church, Bristol
.. 3 Elizabeth Baber b: Abt. 1827
.. 3 George Baber b: Abt. Jul 1831 in Mangotsfield, Glos. d: Abt. Sep 1901 in Warmley, Glos. Occupation: Coal Hauler in 1861 and Pig Dealer in 1881 & 1891 Census.
...... +Elizabeth Bryant b: Abt. 1834 in Soundwell, Bristol d: Abt. Dec 1916 in Warmley, Glos. Census: 1881 Shown as Beaver.
.... 4 Emily Baber b: Abt. Mar 1856 in Siston, Glos. Occupation: 1881 Shoemaker in Warmley, Glos.
.... 4 George Baber b: May 12, 1858 in Siston, Glos d: Feb 25, 1937 in Warmley, Glos
........ +Sarah Ann Thompson b: Apr 06, 1868 in Chew Magna m: Jan 12, 1891 in St. Marys, Bitton, Glos. d: Oct 30, 1951 in Redfield, Warmley Mother: Mary Ann Thompson
...... 5 Alfred Ernest Baber b: Dec 22, 1891 in Warmley, Glos. d: 1892 in Warmley, Glos.
...... 5 Ada Gertrude Baber b: Aug 19, 1893 in Warmley, Glos. d: Sep 1976 in Clutton
.......... +George Thompson m: Abt. Jun 1934 in Regt. Dist of Keynsham
...... 5 Elsie Baber b: Sep 11, 1895 in Warmley, Glos. d: Dec 1981
.......... +Albert Fry m: Mar 26, 1921 in Warmley, Glos.
...... 5 Ralph Graham Baber b: Sep 28, 1897 in Warmley d: Jun 1980 in St. George, Bristol
.......... +Blanche Milsom m: Apr 01, 1922 in Warmley, Glos.
...... 5 Winifred Blanche Baber b: Mar 02, 1900 in Warmley d: 1987 in St. George, Bristol
.......... +Ernest John George Moore b: 1895 m: Mar 24, 1929 in St. George, Bristol
...... 5 Alfred George Baber b: Feb 02, 1902 in Warmley, Glos. d: in infancy
...... 5 Gilbert Baber b: Jan 05, 1905 in Warmley, Glos. d: Dec 1974 in Mangotsfield, Glos.
.......... +Kate Britten b: Jan 01, 1902 m: Abt. Jun 1929 in Regt. Dist of Keynsham
...... 5 Doris Mabel Baber b: Mar 21, 1907
.......... +John Stanley Carter b: Feb 12, 1904 m: Dec 23, 1934 in Warmley, Glos. Father: Richard Carter Mother: Mary De Valle
........ 6 John Michael Carter b: Dec 16, 1936 in Redfield, Bristol
............ +Barbara Ann Robinson b: Apr 23, 1938 m: Jun 11, 1962 in Redfield, Bristol
........ 6 Jeanette Mary Carter b: Feb 11, 1947 in Redfield, Bristol
............ +Ronald Mellett b: Jan 05, 1942 m: Sep 05, 1969 in Redfield, Bristol
.... 4 Henry Baber b: Abt. May 1860 in Siston, Glos Occupation: 1881 General Labourer in Warmley, Glos.
.... 4 Ann Baber b: Abt. Dec 1862 in Warmley, Glos. Census 1881: Rag Sorter in Factory - Warmley, Glos.
........ +???
...... 5 George H. Baber b: Abt. 1880 in Warmley, Glos Census 1901: Aged 21 years old - Bootmaker (Clicker)
.... *1st Husband of Ann Baber:
........ +Edward Amos b: Abt. 1862 in Doynton, Glos m: Abt. Mar 1892 in Dist of Keynsham, Glos Census 1901: Aged 39 years old - Fireman at Colliery
...... 5 Sarah M. Amos b: Abt. 1897 in Warmley, Glos
.... 4 Albert Baber b: Abt. Jun 1865 in Warmley, Glos. Occupation: 1881 &1891 Census - General Labourer in Warmley, Glos.
........ +Elizabeth ?? b: Abt. 1867 in St. George, Bristol
.... 4 Louisa Baber b: Abt. Feb 1857 in Warmley, Bristol Occupation: 1881 Hiller in Boot Factory in Census for Warmley, Glos
.... 4 Sarah Jane Baber b: 1872 in Warmley, Bristol Fact: Scholar in 1881 Census for Warmley, Glos
.. 3 Anna Maria Baber b: Abt. Oct 1838 in Bitton, Glos.
.. 3 Thomas Baber b: Abt. 1838 in Bitton, Glos.
2 John Baber

Most information about the family on this page based on the research of Vera Baber with later corrections and additions.  All Rights Reserved.

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