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Descendants of John Martin Baber & Asenath Owen  

William Thomas Baber Family

Susannah West  Josiah Baber
Photo taken about 1904.

William Earl Baber
Perry Marcus Ford and Josie Baber Ford
Perry Marcus Ford and Josie Baber Ford, with son Moland

Children of Perry Marcus Ford and Josie Lee Baber
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On the left, Hattie Bell Baber married Ellis Noel
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Ellis Lemon Noel
married Hattie Bell Baber

Henry Baber son of William Martin Baber

Barbara Jean Baber
married John Charles Cooper

James Samuel Baber
 Ida Williams Baber

James Samuel Baber married Ida Williams. He raised horses for a living in Clark Co. Kentucky

Fred Lunn & Carrie Amelia Baber
Wedding day in 1908

Carrie Ameila Baber Lunn

Armandina Allegrini and James Harry Lunn. wedding day 1936

Elaine Ann Lunn Thomas and Husband Elapumkal Thomas

Robert Winston Baber - Kentucky

Jaunita Baber,
daughter of Everett Baber

Samiri Mietta Keene and William Martin Baber. 

William Martin Baber and Family

Believed to be
Samira (Mietta) Keene Baber

Children of James Robert Baber and  Phoebe Ellen Blackwell

Baber & Smith
married Baber & Smith

Elizabeth Mae Baber

Elizabeth Mae Baber Smith
with daughter Betty Mayham
and grand-daughter Debbie

Eve Smith Baber, Daughter Alice, and William Rucker Baber

Eve Smith Baber
William Rucker Baber

Rucker Baber and Family. Left to Right: Martin Baber, Katheryn Baber, Oakley Baber, William Rucker Baber, Eunice Horton Baber.

Oakely Baber, Mossie Baber,
William Rucker Baber

Jamie Carol Kenney
Wife of John Ashley Baber

Donnie Gene Baber, Sr.
Married Margaret L. Bretz

Robert Davis Baber, Asa Goodwin Baber, Russell Allen Baber, and Eugene Yeary Baber - 1984

Robert Wayne Baber
Barbara Ann Pelfrey

Irene Frances Roe
1937 - 2010
Married Everett Lee Baber

Arville, Josiah, Sam, Carrie and Susannah holding Voris.
Taken Jan 1890, the day before leaving Indiana for Missouri, then Colorado.

Baber Corners Ranch, Colorado
Ranch House bought from Montgomery Ward Catalog.
Cost = $400.00

Josiah & Susanna Baber Family
at Baber Corners, Colorado
Front Row:
Voris; Arville & Earl
Middle Row: Susannah, Josiah, Sam, and Carrie. 
Back Row: Anna Mae

Earl, Josiah, Voris Baber
Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

Rear: Samuel Baber, Carrie Baber Lunn, J.S. Baber, Orville Baber, Susanna Baber. Mid: Earl & Gladys Baber, Mae Baber Thompson, Voris Baber, Robert Baber. 
Children: Bill & Carol Rae Baber

William Thomas Baber
1832 - 1916   --->

Leannah Turpin Baber
<---  1835 - 1913

James Schuyler Baber
Eva Yeary Baber  Circa 1911

Barbara A. Pelfrey
1937 - 2011
Married Robert Wayne Baber

John William "Bugsy" Baber
Nov 15, 1945 - Dec 03, 2012

James Robert Baber
Phebe Ellen Blackwell
Married  Dec 07, 1873
Madison Co. Kentucky

Winnie Arville Baber & Mabel,
& brother Omer Voris Baber
Baber Corners Colorado

Charles G. & Minnie M. Owens Baber Gravestone

Freddie C. Baber married Carolyn Joyce Tipton

Joe S. Baber was married to Daisey Wade. Winchester, Kentucky

William "Willie" Godbey Baber
& Mabel Viola Leach

Roy Payton Baber

Buck Baber, Ruth Elizabeth Turney Memorial

Elbridge Hinson Baber
Virginia Craycraft


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